How do Workplace default groups work?

This feature is only available on Workplace Essential and Workplace Advanced. Only community admins can change default group settings. You need to log into Workplace from your computer to access default groups.
Existing groups can be added to or removed from default groups. New members of Workplace communities are added to default groups when their accounts are claimed. Community admins have the option to add current community members to default groups.
Keep in mind that default groups need to be open groups.
To add or remove coworkers to or from default groups when you're logged into Workplace from your computer:
  1. From your Admin Panel, click Groups then click next to the specific group.
  2. Select Add to Default Groups or Remove from Default Groups.
  3. If you're adding an open group to a default group, click Add all current community members to the group if you'd like to add all current community members to the group, then click Ok. Otherwise, deselect the option, then click Ok.
If a community admin marks a group as a Default Group, new members will automatically be added to that group.
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